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Snail Project: Most of us have a frantic work rhythm, doing more of one task at once with the wrong idea we are being more efficient. This is the point where personal life and working rhythm need to find a balance, and here is where the slow movement claims for the needs of the people. The slow movement was born in Italy 30 years ago with the concept of “slow food”, asking for time to enjoy healthy and natural food instead of industrial fast food, but not only as a product, but as a philosophy to reconquer the time we had lost for ourselves. Adapted to the
labour work, we can find concepts such as slow company, slow management and the essence of our project, slow work.

This is the origin of SNAIL, based on the idea of the higher productivity of works made with calm, dedication, attention to details and enjoyment of the creative process. It is Slow, Necessary And Improves the Level: SNAIL.

SNAIL philosophy is linked to the introduction of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, cognitive flexibility and the development of social skills in the work world, those social skills the market is demanding today and which will be basic for workers, but also for companies, organizations and entrepreneurs in the next decade. Emotional Intelligence (in short, EI) is, according to Daniel Goleman “the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our

SNAIL is doubled focused in the worker and the final product. For companies which follow this philosophy, the most important thing is to increase the level of motivation and creativity of their workers, thus the productivity will be higher and the possibilities of long-term employability will be better. At the same time, they are making clients happier than if they offered a massive but worse quality product. SNAIL bets for projects and products made with the maximum dedication, thinking in more profits for companies and more stable jobs, but also in the establishment of long-term professional relationships and increase of basic skills The project consortium is composed of six organisations from six different EU countries (SP, RO, IR, SL,PL) and includes cooperation between new and old European Member States.

A comprehensive partnership has been established, taking as departure point the experience in this field of the coordinator, LUV an education institution dedicated to adult continuing education. It relies on a network of several business partners spread over the Slovenian territory and abroad plus a solid experience in EU-programmes, so a smooth and successful project is guaranteed. The consortium also consists in organizations with long experience in training adults and companies from many different productive sectors, as GROWTHCOOP, LUV and Orange Hill. They have an extensive background in the use and implementation of Emotional Intelligence skills. CPIP, our Romanian partner, is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens in the public policies and has a huge background in European projects. The project consortium involves INDEPCIE, a Spanish training company in its second experience in Erasmus+, but with a solid staff specialized in coaching and Emotional Intelligence and its application in the workplace, so it will add a plus of expertise to the consortium.

To achieve the objectives of the project three Intellectual Outputs will be developed, tested and multiplied:

-‘SLOW BOSS’ (O1) focused on managers work pace,

-‘WORK SLOW, WORK BETTER’ (O2) focused on workers and and proposing an adapted solution to a company which needs to slow down its internal work pace for a better productivity and

‘SLOW TRAINING’ (O3) the project consortium will develop a train-the-trainers module for facilitators in the previous outputs in company. The online system will also feature a platform for interactions between learners, facilitators, mentors and mentees, and other stakeholders. All outputs produced will be freely accessible for the public within and beyond the project lifetime.

SNAIL is likely to have sustainable direct impacts within and beyond the project lifetime on three target groups:

1) entrepreneurs and managers,
2) employees
3) Companies and organizations active in the field of training and advisory services.

By creating training tools for improving slow pace of entrepreneurs, managers and employees, the consortium expects to achieve the overall objective of the project: to highlight the importance of a slow work pace in the new economic environment.

The project wishes to set new tools and methodologies to support start-ups and SMEs in enhancing their productivity, competiveness and efficiency. The consortium will use the outcomes of the project, exploiting them with different targets, in further initiatives of the same topic, disseminating them through all its channels and applying them in its internal working day.

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4th March 2021