About us

We are an Irish organisation working for the educational development of people throughout their entire lives, especially in the areas of language acquisition, sport and personal development, entrepreneurship and social inclusion and diversity.

Our five main areas of work are:

1. Language acquisition: we run year long, terms and short stay language and cultural programmes for young people from abroad to learn English and stay in Irish host families. The students attend Primary and Secondary Schools in the areas of Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford and Cavan. Please look up www.irelandandfamilies.com for further information.

2. Sport and Personal Development: our programmes have helped young people to become a better version of themselves through our Soccer and Personal Skills Programme at St Joseph’s Football Club in Cabinteely and Leicester Celtic FC in Nutgrove. We also currently work with the Rockbrook Padel Club in Rathfarnham.

3. Youth: young people can learn key competences if the educational setting is right. We believe in providing young people with the tools to improve their personal development in many areas, such as emotional intelligence, soft skills, care of the environment, sociability and entrepreneurship. We offer help and courses to people in disadvantaged areas, students suffering from bullying, those who have family problems and those who find it hard to integrate in society in general.

4. Entrepreneurship: our programmes aim to raise people’s heights by providing courses and workshops on soft skills, key competences, social inclusion, emotional intelligence, care of the environment, etc. We also provide assistance and support for the social inclusion of immigrants and refugees.

5. Social Inclusion and Diversity: Today, an increasing number of people are long-term unemployed, face discrimination and situations of social exclusion and poverty, or are at risk of socio-economic marginalisation. The Inclusion and Diversity Programme devised by I & F develops project ideas with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. It also develops trustworthy partnerships and engages with programmes in a meaningful way.