Four Creativities

Four Creativities

Our project combines the effort of 8 organizations (4 school and 4 training providers), from four different European countries (Rumania, Bulgaria, Ireland and Spain). Our aim is to create an innovative tool in order to support the daily task of our teachers. For this, we will introduce effective learning methods, promoting the creativity of our pupils.

Our project is called FCREATIVITIES. It is based on four different creativities, namely: mathematical creativity, linguistic creativity, scientific creativity and artistic creativity. In short, this project will provide a compendium of 24 creative portfolios with descriptions of activities which will be piloted and implemented in the classroom, with the aim to boost the interest and motivation of students to learn and acquire life long learning skills. The portfolios will be grouped into four main categories, each one corresponding to the four creativities mentioned above.

Our concept is directly linked to the specific priority field of the Erasmus+ 2019, that is the strengthening of the teaching profession profile. We anticipate two main levels of impact with the FCREATIVITIES project, pointed out as follows:

  • it will provide a direct support to teachers for their every day teaching practice through the implementation of effective portfolios, thus promoting the sustainable participation of their students.
  • it will develop and put into practice a methodological framework for its implementation, a system of tools and learning programs for students and teachers alike. Creativity will be considered as an essential element in the classroom, interacting with the learning experiences in the classroom in an enriching fashion. This will in turn create a mental habit for all.
  • this project is also directly linked to the specific field priority of early school leaving. Through FCREATIVITIES we will promote the active involvement of all students in the classroom.

This project is tailored to be used with 10 to 12 year old students, promoting their motivation and creativity as a fundamental ability to develop on students at these ages.

Our scope is in line with the Counselling recommendations about the lifelong learning competences (17 January 2018), which highlight that our societies highly depend on well qualified and competent citizens. Abilities such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurship are key competences which should be developed to face the current complexities and changes in today’s society.

We can confirm that a creative education is one for the development and autorealization where not only learning is valuable for the acquisition of new abilities and strategies for the working environment, but also to avoid psychological blocks which may impede the use of creativity.

When teaching creativity we can offer tools for the innovation and change. With this, we aim to educate people full of originality, future vision, entrepreneurship and with the ability to risk taking, overcoming the obstacles and problems they have to face in their daily lives.

FCREATIVITIES will promote creativity in children, an essential element in them, since this ability is essential for them to be able to express themselves, developing their abstract thinking and it will also be of paramount importance in order for them to solve problems and socialize with others through their lives.

Our project is mainly focused on the improvement of participation, promoting the process of creation in children, getting to know themselves better and their motivations. This has been scientifically proven to be the main reason why some students lose motivation and as consequence have a negative impact in their education results.

Teachers working on FCREATIVITIES will have the chance to create learning situations where motivation is a key element, incorporating new themes and dynamics for all types of learning. At the same time, teachers will  have the opportunity to create positive and inclusive learning environments, thus improving the intervention and participation of unfavorable students, which is directly related to one of the main horizontal priorities of Eramus+ about social inclusion in education.

Another advantage of FCREATIVITIES is that it will help underage students with socialization, since by means of expressing their feelings, they are more receptive to others, promoting inclusiveness.

Our project will support people to acquire and develop key abilities and competences, since creativity will be a social ability for learning. The promotion of creativity in children is essential for them as it helps them express themselves, develops their abstract thinking and is essential for problem solving, hence creating a vision of future while developing more linguistic competences in order to communicate with others.

The partners conforming this strategic association are relevant for the priorities mentioned above since this project is developed by different cross-sectors in an international framework. In this respect, 4 schools will collaborate with 4 organizations of training activities, representing the sectors of adults, young people (non-formal education) and vocational training.


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14th February 2020