CORE project

CORE (Carbon Offsetting For Resilient Entrepreneurship) is a project that aims to promote environmental sustainability and economic growth, while also enhancing resilience planning and achieving equitable and sustainable outcomes. The project is based on the United Nations Goal for Sustainable Development no13. It introduces Carbon Offsetting to high school students, aiming to cultivate entrepreneurial resilience and sustainable development in the future. The project offers learning opportunities in green forward-looking domains and fosters the development of competences that enhance career prospects. Through an innovative curriculum, virtual enterprise practice, and a challenging marathon, students are expected to develop the skills necessary for leading future enterprises that are resilient and sensitive to environmental challenges.

The CORE project has three major objectives:

  • To enable children to drive transformation and change in the future through creativity and a mindset that leads to resourceful alternatives for sustainable development.
  • To engage students, educators, and the wider community on the transition to become climate neutral by 2050.
  • To cultivate competences in a sustainability-relevant sector and develop green sectoral skills and methodologies aligned with the New European Bauhaus initiative. The project aims to promote grassroots initiatives and changemaking and incorporate Green Deal principles into everyday experiences.

The expected results are:

  • 500 students participating in the pilots workshops and final Hackathon
  • 100 educators trained & involved
  • 1 Online Resource Library with original material (translated and localized) on innovative Entrepreneurial Education of the Future and Attractive Environmental Education(EE)
  • Increased Attractiveness of EE
  • ╬Ľnabling children to drive transformation and change in the future
  • Students becoming capable citizens of tomorrow with confidence and skills to face future challenges

Our partners:

  • I&F
  • EdEUcation
  • UTH
  • B. Ied

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Posted on

3rd April 2023