Boost Train and Retain

Boost Train and Retain project

The project aims to demonstrate the importance of using Emotional Intelligence tools, skills, and strategies for HR departments, trainers, and low-skilled workers seeking job security and recognition in the labor market. Through research conducted via surveys at various companies, HR managers reported that they lack adequate training to handle change processes and require significant improvement. The project aims to cover the soft skills necessary for identifying new objectives and developing strategies for productivity and sustainability. The project also targets non-formal adult trainers and facilitators to enhance their selection process for the best candidates and promote productivity by providing additional skill sets and tools for performance. The project’s ultimate goal is to improve the motivation and productivity of target groups while increasing satisfaction and personal development. The project identified two scenarios involving the HR department and highlighted the need for a duplicable strategy for change management and training to address the department’s deficiency in identifying and transmitting new objectives.

The Boost Train & Retain project aims to achieve several main objectives:

  • To create a network association of six organizations across Europe that promotes the development of training and mentoring strategies for HR professionals.
  • To equip HR department members with the necessary competencies for talent motivation and retention, while also providing employees with self-motivation, self-leadership, and emotional self-management tools.
  • To develop the capacity of companies to train and retain employees and create synergies with other sectors for work-life balance and to fight unemployment.
  • To create a manual of skills and tools for coaches and trainers in HR training.
  • To establish a training program that supports end-users in the implementation and use of acquired training skills and plans.

The expected results are:

  • The project aims to develop a training system for HR leaders, managers, and workers.
  • The training system will be applicable to most situations faced by them.
  • The project intends to contribute to the improvement and strengthening of the local and national economy.
  • The project particularly focuses on small companies that represent 90% of the productive sector in the EU.
  • The project recognizes the differences and cultural coincidences in emotion management, consequences, and solutions.
  • The project presents an interesting challenge in managing emotions in different cultural contexts

Our partners:

  • I&F
  • ERIA
  • CPIP

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Posted on

3rd April 2023