Digital Push

Digital Push project

The technological revolution is transforming the world of work and COVID-19 has accelerated the digital economy. Inclusive digitalisation has become a key issue for people with disabilities in the future of work. This project aims to reduce the impact of the digital world of work on people with disabilities and identify actions to shape a more inclusive future of work. People with disabilities face challenges such as new skills and competences required, technological barriers, and challenges associated with working conditions. The project aims to address these challenges and turn them into opportunities. As the demand for digital skills is growing steadily, it is essential that people with disabilities acquire new skills and improve their competences to ensure access to new digital jobs. The project aims to reduce the digital divide and ensure equal opportunities for inclusion in the labour market. The inclusion of persons with disabilities is reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which recognises them as a vulnerable group and includes several Sustainable Development Goals that explicitly refer to them.

Throughout this project, the main objectives for ensuring an inclusive digital labour market will be identified:

  1. Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
  2. Promoting digital skills among people with disabilities
  3. Promoting digital employment among people with disabilities.

To develop a clear and simple methodology, taking into account the people to whom it is addressed, that will help them to expand their digital capabilities in the three main areas:

1.- RRSS

2.- Microsoft tools

3.- Online communication – To provide a training manual of these skills included in the digital labs to improve the social and labor inclusion of the intellectually disabled persons.

Our partners:

  • I&F

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Posted on

3rd April 2023