UPSKILL+ project

A new background paper by the European Association for the Education of Adults highlights the barriers and challenges faced by rural adults in accessing adult education. UPSKILL+ has identified agrotourism as an opportunity to address this issue and support the upskilling of rural adults. The lack of upskilling and training resources in sustainable agritourism for adults in Europe has been identified as a problem. UPSKILL+ offers a solution by creating experiential agrotourism products that give value to the most genuine character of the territory, thus promoting a reversal of the global food system and favoring more territorial, resilient and sustainable systems. Agrotourism offers an economic complement to small agribusinesses and can make small traditional farms profitable. UPSKILL+ is developing the tools needed to skill the adult in agrotourism.

The main objectives are:

  • To enhance employability and social inclusion of participants and sustainability of project results.
  • To co-design an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable upskilling training program for adults in rural areas to respond to the need for upskilling pathways and increasing access to specialized training and education.
  • To contribute to the recovery of the agrotourism sector through innovation and collaboration with other sectors based on principles like green sustainability and social inclusion to restore value to local products from rural areas, environments, and landscapes.
  • To improve the employability and entrepreneurial mindset of different generations of adults in the agrotourism sector.

The results of UPSKILL+ are:

  • Increase in skills among adults in rural areas in Europe.
  • The methodology used will be user-centered.
  • 30 mentors and 210 final beneficiaries will benefit from the upskilling.
  • There is potential for other EU beneficiaries to benefit from the training and tools provided by UPSKILL+.
  • More actors will benefit from the project activities during implementation.
  • The sustainability of the project will be fostered through alliances and replication in EU territories.

Our partners:

  • I&F


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Posted on

3rd April 2023