ENROLE project

In 2019, 2.7 million immigrants entered the EU from non-EU countries due to unstable political environments. Eurostat reported that 23 million people in the EU were non-EU citizens in 2020, while 706,400 persons were granted citizenship. Spain, Greece, and Portugal had the highest third-country national populations. Education is a priority for the EU, but migrant children face difficulties in developing a sense of belonging in schools and underperform compared to non-migrants. Early leaving rates for foreign-born populations are higher in most countries, with Turkey having the highest rate. Refugee and migrant children in the Eastern Mediterranean Route have missed an average of 2.5 years of school. The Migrant Integration Policy Index (2016) shows a negative trend in the extent to which EU countries have responded to policy needs.

The ENROLE project aims to improve the academic performance of migrant children and prevent early school leaving by promoting cooperation between families and schools, addressing the two main causes of the issue.

The project’s specific objectives include:

  • Build the necessary capacities of school teachers (first project target group)
  • Assist migrant parents (second project target group) by elevating their knowledge levels
  • Introduce collaborative mechanisms between teachers and parents
  • Reduce migrant students’ drop out from school and helping their inclusion in the host countries educational system

The expected results are:

  • School teachers are in a better position to fulfill the needs of migrant children in school, having required competencies developed.
  • Migrant parents are more engaged in supporting their children to attend and stay in school. Joint efforts and mechanisms between school teachers and migrant parents are introduced as an approach promoting inclusive education.
  • The school performance of migrant children improved, their drop-out reduced. Social cohesion and cooperation are elevated at EU level.

Our partners:

  • Regional Directorate of Education of Central Greece
  • La Xixa Teatre Association
  • Escola L’Esperança School
  • I&F


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Posted on

3rd April 2023