The ComunicARTE project seeks to improve communication in primary schools, promoting skills such as active listening, respect, peaceful conflict resolution and the use of positive language.

This creates a respectful environment where students can express their ideas in an assertive way, strengthening social relationships and emotional bonds. A teacher’s guide and workshop will be provided, addressing these communication skills and encouraging critical thinking. The project contributes to the development of language and other key competences, as well as values such as respect and empathy, to improve relationships and
prevent conflicts among primary school students.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • Learning to listen actively
  • Respecting the opinions and feelings of others
  • Using language for peaceful conflict resolution
  • Promote social and emotional skills through positive language
  • Improve academic performance
  • To optimise social relations


Results that we will obtain after the end of the project are:

  • To develop practical and direct strategies
  • To teach people to think, feel and act differently.
  • Improve pupils’ learning and academic performance
  • To prepare pupils for the future
  • Increasing the chances of success in the world of work
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Contribute to building a more effective and harmonious society


The project partners:


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Posted on

7th July 2024