The purpose of the internet and cyber-bullying sessions is to educate the students on the dangers of social media and how to keep themselves safe in the digital age. The students gather at special assembly in which one of our musicians delivers a presentation on how to stay safe online. The programme is intended both for Primary and Secondary schools.

We have been running these workshops for over 2 years and have presented them at over 250 schools in Ireland, The UK, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Uruguay and Argentina.

The hour long session features vital information on how to protect ourselves from dangerous online activities including cyber-bullying. It includes a performance of 2 songs by one of our musicians and a 30 minute interactive talk on online safety and cyber-bullying.

Through the interactive session, our musician informs the students about the potential dangers of the internet. The students are taken on a musical adventure designed to teach the key lessons of internet safety through songs and interactions. Over the course of the session, the students learn how to deal with cyber-bullying.

The internet is a remarkable resource, but it has dangers for children who do not understand the risks. This programme helps to ensure that they do.

It is a unique and effective way of delivering a positive message to the students.The fact that the talk is given by a musician directly means that the students really take in all the points given by the musician.

The sessions are also available and delivered to parents at schools.